Lifecheck COVID-19

COVID-19 has resulted in an increased need for quick and effective testing that will help businesses maintain operations.

As a technical leader and expert in microbial testing, OSP is proud to introduce a first-rate COVID-19 Test Kit designed to provide reassurance to households and businesses alike. The kit is available for purchase through OSP, or via our partner online store.

Who is the Kit for?

Concerned about the absence of COVID-19? This Kit is for you.

Whether an industrial workspace, an office, a clinic, a recreation facility, daycare or at home, this easy to use Kit provides the peace of mind you need by verifying for the absence of COVID-19.

How does it work?

Using the same instrumentation relied upon by the health authorities worldwide, our COVID-19 Test Kit detects and quantifies the genetic signature (RNA) of the COVID-19 virus in swab samples.

Door knobs, restrooms, gym equipment, school books, steering wheels, stationary, computers… the test can verify for COVID-19 on any surface by providing a yes / no result on the absence of the virus.

Each Kit includes:

  • Consumables kit
  • Pre-paid return envelope
  • Submission form
  • Safety Data Sheet
  • Instruction Sheet

What is the process?

  • Buy the Kit
  • Swab high-traffic surfaces
  • Send the sample to OSP in your pre-paid return envelope
  • Watch your email inbox for your results

This easy to use and quick Kit provides the peace of mind your stakeholders need while driving workplace hygiene programs.